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During this pandemic situation, AEL Technology has decided to share 10,000+ Hours video training courses & tutorial Free to our end-users and students.

The world we live in witnessing an unprecedented crisis today.

Coronavirus has us all under house arrest.

Well, the thing is, we all needed this break, even our mother earth needed it so badly.

However, we do not know how long will it take to eradicate this virus from the earth.

So we’re finding ways to get things done form our own homes.

The things we once thought will never be possible form home, we are getting them done from our very own rooms.

COVID-19 will go down in world history as a pandemic which gave the human species a chance to save the world just by being at home with family and not by going out.

Since we can’t go out, we are constantly trying to bring the world to our home.

Rather than wasting your days sitting idle, direct your energy to learn something new, building a new passion, or fine-tuning an existing one.

Join the VIP Club Just only 49$!!!

>> Are you paying huge fees for learning CAD/CAM/CAE courses?

>> Are you wasting your time by going to any CAD institute?

>> Are you wasting your time with so-called Industry Professionals?

>> Are you paying money for each course to Streaming or Digital platform?

>> Are you being charged every time for new Courses launched by CAD/CAM DVDs/Downloadable?

>> Are you paying them Monthly/Annually( Recurring mode)?

>> Are you struggling to find all courses in a single basket?

>> Are you looking for premium courses without Breaking your Bank?

>> Are you searching chapters and wasting your time on YouTube?

Now, your searches end here because you can get more than 100+ CAD/CAM/CAE Training/Tutorials with project files just paying a small fee i.e. 49$ only.

By paying these one-time fees, you will be eligible for becoming our VIP Club Member and access each & every downloadable course as well as streaming courses FREE!!!

Yes, you can instantly download the same and access our complete streaming courses library now!

Please check all course details below once, do not forget to check the LINK for the full course curriculum.

1: Siemens NX 10 Video Training/Tutorial Course. (DOWNLOADABLE)


2: Catia V5 Video Training/Tutorial Course. (DOWNLOADABLE)


3: Master of Catia v5 Complete Video Training Course 6 DVDs / 18 GB (DOWNLOADABLE)


4: Civil Engineering Toolkit-2020 (DOWNLOADABLE)


5: GD&T ASME Y14.5-2009 & 1994-Training Kit (DOWNLOADABLE)


6: Mechanical Design-Toolkit-2020 (DOWNLOADABLE)




100+ Video Training/Tutorials will be listed over here soon.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide updates to the courses?
Yes. All our products are regularly kept up to date. As soon as we are notified about an update, we download it from the publishers or buying those for our buyers from SMEs directly and update them on our site. As long as you have an active subscription (VIP Member) then you will have
Do I get access to any releases?
Yes. As long as you have an active subscription (VIP Member) you will gain access to all our new releases. We bring new products to the site each month.
What Is the VIP Members area?
Our VIP members can access our all streaming courses for a ONE TIME/LIFETIME fee i.e. 49$ only.
Why are you providing it at such a low price where other publishers charging it very high?
AEL Technology begun from the will to make an engineering online environment from which everyone could benefit. We always believe that all video training/courses should be FREE or Very Nominal for everyone.
Why are you charging 49$ if it should be free?
This cost charging from all our members to sustain this business in the long run. As everyone knows, for hosting any content on any streaming platform & cloud storage space for terabytes data cost us a lot. So, we need help from our members so that we can share the Author’s revenue/commissions & buying new courses from different publishers.
Are you developing any courses in-houses?
NO, As we stated we buy everything from publishers or authors for our members because we believe education should be free to all either it is basic or advanced so that everyone could be benefitted really.
Who should I contact in case I have any questions which are not answered in this FAQ?
Please write to [email protected] in case of any questions. We will be happy to help you.
Will there be any chance of increasing the VIP member’s one time fees i.e. 49$ in future?
YES, It will be increasing to 99$ when we upload more than 100 items in the cloud storage. But it won’t affect our old members or who are planning to join us now.
When will be 100+ Courses going to be uploaded in the cloud server?
Before 31st May 2020, we will upload 100+ courses in our cloud storage. Our complete 250+ courses will be uploading before 31st July 2020. Grab this offer before it expires!
What are the Courses Categories?
CompTIA, Certification Exams, Networks & Security, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IT & Software, CAD and Design, Business and Management, Audio and Music, Video and Editing, Photos and Illustrations, Autodesk, Adobe, Ethical Hacking, CISCO, CCIE, Revit, Architecture, ITIL, SOLIDWORKS, VMware, Ansys, CCNA, CCNP, Azure Juniper, Cloud Computing, RedHat certification, Big Data, Hadoop, marketing management, Social Network, Programming, Python, Red Hat, Machine Learning, Linux, web development, CATIA, Language learning, SketchUp, Android, iOS, Exam Guide PDF, eBooks pdf, Tools & Software, Data Center, Cyber Security, Interiors Design, ISACA Oracle, Data Science, JAVA, Mechanical Engineering, AUTOCAD,(ISC)², Google