We are glad you are interested on becoming an author in our community! We are looking for all engineering related topics. If you can not find a certain category, do not worry, we can create it!

Our main targets are :

Can this help an engineering community?

Can someone learn something from this?

Will this be a selling item?

So basically you could sell any downloadable file related to an engineering field: step-by-step tutorials (best sellers), engineering plans, calculation sheets, 3D models etc.Reconsider what your skills are and how you could help others use this knowledge. Our authors make between 1000$-3000$ a month from selling small step-by-step tutorials… yes it took months in the making, but nothing comes for free. Does it?

Hope to have you on board as soon as possible! If you already have multiple products and wish us to upload it for you for a faster procedure let us know! For any questions do not hesitate to ask! It might take a day or 2 to respond but we always do!

Please send us below details mail to : [email protected]

1) Resume
2) Photo
3) List of courses that you can do
4)Communication Mail Id

Mean time when we process your details and upload it in our site, please prepare a 10 min demo video of any of your favourite module in any software that you are well verse and send it to us.


1) Pointer focus ( highlight cursor )
2) Camtasia (video screen recorder)
3) USB headphone ( better recording quality)
4) Language of tutoring ( English preferred)

We will further update you the next steps once our SMEs examine your demo video.
If you have any doubt or need any clarification let us know.