Autodesk Inventor what’s new 2022: Send to Fusion 360

Send to Fusion 360 in Autodesk Inventor 2022 helps extend your data and makes it more valuable to you, your manufacturing and fabrication teams, partners, and customers. The Inventor team has been working on ways to extend your Inventor data to Fusion 360 for collaboration and access to additional workflows and functionality. Click here to […]

How to Render a Product Design

Product design services often have several methods of getting their ideas from rough concept to finished product. The process usually starts with a few drawings and ends with the creation of a prototype so that photos can be taken from all sides. The photos are then used to help raise funding for the project, test […]

What’s new in Revit 2022: Annotation

In this article, we talk about annotation enhancements. There are several interesting enhancements in the annotation. One feature that we want for a long time is showing the grids in 3D view. Finally! Let’s see the annotation enhancements in Revit 2022. Showing Grids in 3D View Many Revit users has been waiting for this feature. […]

CityJSON & The Digital Twin Hype

For a long time GIS software only provided 2D visuals and geometry for landscape, while CAD software developed more and more 3D visualization, without giving much attention to how the geometry it created was located within the world. This longtime fundamental difference is about to shift! New technology gives us the possibility to fuse different […]

What’s New in AutoCAD 2022? Collaborate Securely With Share

AutoCAD 2022 enables a connected design experience, which means even more opportunities for close collaboration. Share provides a new way to securely share drawings with your team and colleagues directly from AutoCAD. Now you have more control to digitally collaborate anytime, anywhere. Using Share, or the new SHARE command, you can generate a share link […]

How Does 3D CAD Modeling Help Furniture Manufacturers?

Parametric 3D CAD modeling has given furniture manufacturers a definite advantage over traditional drafting practices for manufacturing drawings. 3D CAD’s ease in adopting new design trends and customization at affordable costs gives it a winning edge. New-age furniture demands much more than just storage and comfort and the furniture manufacturing industry is fast adapting to […]

Autodesk Inventor what’s new 2022: Export Revit project

Look at the buildings around you. When we think of the construction industry, we think of it is being separate from the manufacturing industry. But – every part of every building is an opportunity for manufacturers! From building products, such as boilers and generators, to prefabricated components, such as roof trusses and bathroom modules. From […]

‘Flattening’ curved solid. I have this curved part(on radius), that I need to flatten and transfer all the holes. Sheet metal tricks don’t work here.. It’s driving me nuts, do you have any ideas? (IronCAD)

Sheet metal tricks would work here, as long as that bend is “conic” (generally: part of a circle)f This is a relatively simple part – I’d redraw it flat from scratch. You’ll need to decide where the bend happens. Does the top-side compress? The bottom side stretch? some of each? For a curve this shallow, […]