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CHAPTER-1 Introduction to Drafting

  • Model based drafting Vs Stand alone drafting
  • NX Drafting methods and the master model workflow
  • Drafting user interface and preferences


CHAPTER-2 Setting up and creating drawings

  • Setting Drafting and PMI standard
  • Creating a new drawing
  • The no drawing state
  • Borders, Zones and Title block


CHAPTER -3 Basic View creation

  • View Creation Wizard
  • Standard views
  • Projected views
  • Detail views
  • View Break
  • Part Navigator shortcut menu options


CHAPTER-4 Controlling the appearance of your drafting view

  • Setting and changing the style of your view
  • Change a view’s scale
  • Change a drafting view’s angle
  • Automatic Anchor Points
  • Make a reference/active view
  • Display hidden edges of overlapping solid bodies
  • Display a referenced edge
  • Simplify and hide small features
  • Wireframe color from face
  • General usage notes for shaded drafting views
  • Create a shaded view
  • Add partial shading to a drafting view
  • Displaying threads in a drafting view
  • Transfer view-dependent annotation from a model view to a drawing


CHAPTER-5 Drafting view fundamentals

  • Drafting view labels
  • Layer visibility in views
  • Updating a drafting view
  • Positioning and orienting a drafting view
  • Adding PMI to your drawing
  • Managing a view boundary
  • Managing view dependent edits


CHAPTER-6 Section views and section lines


  • Simple Section views
  • Stepped Section views
  • Half Section views
  • Revolved Section views
  • Folded Section views
  • Unfolded Section views
  • Oriented Section views
  • Pictorial Section views
  • Break-out Section views
  • Section Line symbol
  • Setting the style of your section line
  • Editing the components of a section line


CHAPTER-7 Drafting annotation

  • Controlling the appearance of your annotation
  • Annotation placement
  • Leader lines for annotation and symbols
  • Editing drawing annotation
  • Edit Text


CHAPTER-8 Drafting dimensions

  • Dimension user interface
  • Creating and editing dimension


CHAPTER-9 Geometric Dimension and Tolerance in Drafting

  • Feature control frame
  • Datum target
  • Datum Feature symbol


CHAPTER-10 Assembly drawings

  • Working with assembly drawings
  • View update performance and efficiency
  • Section Components in View
  • Section view preferences
  • Exploded views in drawings
  • Tables and Parts Lists
  • Ballon creation
  • Working with large assembly drawings


CHAPTER-11 Custom Symbols

  • Custom Symbol
  • Smash Custom Symbol
  • Define Custom Symbol
  • Edit Custom Symbol
  • Replace Custom Symbol


CHAPTER-12 Tracking drawing changes

  • Track Drawing Changes
  • Create persistent drawing comparison data
  • Identify the impact of modeling changes on an existing drawing
  • Create a log of drawing changes made during your NX session



CHAPTER-13 Drawing automation

  • Drawing templates
  • Mark as Template
  • Adding attributes to drawing templates
  • Template Region
  • Adding objects to a region
  • Automation Rules
  • Annotate Views
  • Distribute Annotations


CHAPTER-14 Misc.


  • Placing Images on drawings
  • Creating 2D curves in Drafting
  • Copy/Cut and Paste in Drafting
  • Copying Drawing Views to 3D



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