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Progressive Die Design Using UG-NX-9


Introduction about Progressive Die Wizard Training
Using these tutorials
Training files
Introduction to UG NX Progressive Die Wizard

Design Environment

Data Flow
Design Trees
Work flow
Intermediate stage tools (Unfolding Parts)

Defining intermediate stage tools

Direct Unfolding
Bend operation
Universal Uniform
Analyse formability –One step
Step-By-Step how to do?
Unfolding imported models
Semi Complex
Die Design

Initialize Project

Blank Generator
Blank layout
Scrap design
Strip layout
Semi Complex

Force calculations

Die base creation and editing standard parts
Hide/show assembly parts-View Manager
Die Design Settings

Insert design

Adding die inserts
Adding punch inserts
Bending insert design
Forming insert design
Embossing insert design
Insert Auxiliary design

Standard part management

Relief design
Pocket design
BOM Creation
Drawing Creation

Assembly drawing

Part drawings
Hole table
Auto dimensioning
Hole manufacturing note
Tooling Validation

Interference check

Tooling Motion simulation
Design change check
Workflow Management


Concurrent design
PROJECTS (More than 20 Included)

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