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About the Course:

NX-10 has state-of-the-art tools for designing sheet metal components. This course will assist you to familiarize with these tools, terminology, and workflow. This course will help design professionals to use the complete set of tools to efficiently create and manage sheet metal parts. We have tried to teach you industry best practices. Our courses will help you to reduce the learning curve and provide a robust foundation in the field of sheet metal design and manufacturing.

Key topics include:

Preference settings, Tab, Flanges/bends, loft flanges, Jog, Bridge bends, Closed Corners, Three bend corner, Advanced flanges, Punch/Die functions, Unform, Reform, Metaform, Sheet metal wizard, Edge rip, Cleanup utility, Flat solid, Flat pattern, Advanced sheet metal features.

Key projects:

Brackets, Impeller, Enclosure, Covers, Connector,… Etc.


  • Overview


  • Basics of sheet metal


  • Introduction to UG NX 10 sheet metal module
    NX sheet metal environment
    Settings-Sheet metal module


  • Creating Base Feature-TAB


  • Introduction to Flanges
    Creating flanges using
    Base edge
    Different width option
    Full width
    At center
    At end
    From both ends
    From end
    Flange offset
    Flange with unique profile
    Flange match face


  • Creating contour flanges
    Creating lofted flanges
    Creating hem flange
    Creating jog
    Creating bend
    Creating bridge bend
    Advanced flange


  • Creating closed corner
    Close and Relief
    Circular cutout
    “U” cutout
    “V” cutout
    Rectangular cutout
    Circular cutout
    “U” cutout
    “V” cutout
    Rectangular cutout
    Creating three bend corner
    Circular cutout
    “U” cutout
    “V” cutout
    Break corner
    Creating chamfer
    Bend Taper


  • Creating dimple
    Creating louver
    Creating drawn cutout
    Creating beads
    Creating punched feature
    Creating gussets


  • Creating feature
    Normal cutout
    Pattern feature


  • Convert to sheet metal wizard
    Edge rip
    Cleanup utility
    Convert to Sheet metal
    Sheet metal from solid


  • Form
    Resize bend radius
    Resize bend angle
    Resize neutral factor


  • Unform


  • Flat solid
    Flat pattern
    Export flat pattern


  • How to detail a sheet metal component?
Project-1 (Simple)

Common FAQs Related to this Products:

Q-1 What is the outcome result that the student will get after completing the whole course?

The student would have explored all the avenues in sheet metal module and gained a high level of competency. Our tutorials are designed in such a way that it is virtually on the job training in a typical design office environment.

Q-2 Why is this outcome important for the student?

After completing the tutorial and exercises student will be able to design a sheet metal product, however, complex it might be. And he will be more equipped than a beginner in the field of Sheet metal part designing.

Q-3 What will happen professionally if the student does not get this outcome from anywhere?

In today’s world, it is always better to be well equipped and if you develop a skill set which is superior to others you will always have an edge over your peers to grow.

Q-4 What Financial benefits will the student get if he gets the outcome/result as mentioned in answer to Q-1?

Financial benefit is a function of the skill set a person to possess, therefore this tutorial will help you to widen your skill set.Imagine a scenario where you are the beginner and you already know so much about the industry.

Q-5 What do the competing courses lack?

Competing courses lacks for one or many reasons mentioned below

1) Bombarded with lots of functions in SMD without supporting it with the theory.

2) After service support.

3) Different Case scenario

4) Simple to Complex exercise

Q-6 How is our courses superior & good value for money?

1) Covered all the functions in SMD

2) Students will gain good theoretical knowledge of sheet metal apart from the CAD tool

3) Explained various case scenarios

4) Tried different permutations and combinations of SMD tools to design a part

5) Exercises are real time parts in the industry

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