This was once my try.

I used CATIA, however this workflow must paintings with any instrument that permit’s you create revolution volumes, extrusion volumes, rotate volumes and boolean subtract one quantity from some other. Makros are a large assist, however now not important.

  1. 90° revolution quantity of one/4 th of a tools profile – – > 1/eighth of the round tools

  2. Create the monopole tools as a cylinder in a distance as though it have been an ordinary tools (within the gif everyone seems to be sharing it’s 32 tooth for the round and 16 for the monopole). I began with a concave cylinder already however I assume it is advisable do an ordinary cylinder. You best want the only facet of the tools, revolved by way of 180° – – > 1/4th of the monopole tools

  3. Boolean subtract the round tools from the monopole tools. Rotating the round tools by way of one level whilst rotating the monopole tools 2 levels (or in line with your selected transmission ratio), boolean subtracting the round tools from the monopole tools and repeating that till I’ve 90 and 180 levels respectively (as an example with Makros, it is advisable almost definitely use larger steps and do it manually). Unfortunately this results in tough surfaces on the base of the tooth, which I have never wiped clean up but…

  4. Replicate the quarter tools two instances to get the whole monopole tools.

  5. Add it on Thingiverse and spot if someone prints it to look if it in reality works 🤞

EDIT: Mounted mistake that led to spiky tooth on the round wheel. V2 is up!