When you submit a 3D modeling project, it’s an exciting time. 3D modeling design services are eager to see the results of their work come together into a 3D model, and if you’ve had a project or two done before, you may have a general idea of what happens next.

Yet when a project takes longer than expected, it can set back the rest of the project. It can be frustrating when a project takes longer than expected, especially if other companies seem to move the project along much faster.

A lot can affect the speed of a project. It may be that your expectations are out of alignment, or it might be the project is slowed down for other reasons. Here are a few reasons why your project may be taking longer than other projects you’ve had in the past.

If you’re wondering why your current 3D model is going so slow or are hoping to speed up the process with your next model, these tips can help.

The Project May Be More Complex

An intricate design takes longer than a simple one. If you’re trying to put together a cell phone, for example, with dozens of tiny pieces, it will take longer to create a detailed 3D model of it than it would a simple plastic toy.

Even if your project looks similar to another, if it requires different tools, more screws, or other features that make it more complicated, it may still take more time to create it. If your new 3D model is too complicated, and you usually do simple projects, ask your freelance 3D design service how long they estimate it will take. This can help guide your planning in the process.

Large Companies May Take More Time

Larger companies have a process they must get through to finish the project. To ensure quality, they have a series of checkpoints that must be passed for the project to be considered complete.

This can be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the company it’s being compared to. It may help make the project get done faster by eliminating mistakes and limiting the number of changes the customer may make. On the other hand, it may cause the process to be unnecessarily slow compared to smaller, more agile companies.

Smaller companies often have the upper hand in speed because they can quickly get directions, ask for more information, and help get the project back on track.

Experience in the Field

Different companies, and individual freelancers themselves, all have different types of experience. One freelancer may be more experienced in the fashion industry, while another exclusively works with cars or phones.

CAD designers tend to be faster in their own field compared to areas they are not experienced in. A car modeler, for example, is already experienced in how a 3D model of a car should look and how to get there. Even if the fenders are a little different, the overall principle is the same.

However, if they were then asked to create a cat model, it would take them considerably longer because the shape, texture, and appearance are entirely different from a car. This is why it’s always best to choose a company that specializes in your field. Not only will you get better results, but you’ll also get faster results as well.

Experience in Rapid Prototyping

It’s not just experience in the field that matters. The company also needs experience in how to develop a product relatively quickly. Some industries require new products to come out every year, such as cellphones, computers, or other rapidly growing fields.

3Ds Max modeling services who regularly work in this industry are practiced in the need for speed and know how to work in such a way to get the project done quickly.

If speed is essential to you in a project, consider explicitly looking for a company or individual familiar with getting projects out the door quickly. While a 3D modeler doesn’t handle the actual design process, if they’re familiar with working in the field, they should get a project done faster.

It’s helpful to ask a 3D modeler in advance how fast their projects typically take and what information they need to run with a project and get it done as fast as possible.

How Busy the Company Is

Successful companies are often hectic. They may not be able to get to your project in the second that it is submitted, or it may take longer due to managing your project alongside others. While a busy company is good because it means that they have many satisfied customers, it can also be bad that it may be challenging to get your project squeezed in.

If your project is time-sensitive, it’s important to discuss this in advance when working with your modeler to ensure they have the time to get your modeling done without lowering the quality.

If the company is too busy to get your project done in the time frame you need, it’s better to know before the model is already underway.

Lack of Clear Instructions

A 3D modeler can only work based on the information provided to them. If the information provided isn’t clear, that means either stopping to clarify at every confusing point or guessing on what might be wanted.

The results are often less than ideal. Every time clarification is needed, there is a pause in the work to get there. One of the best ways to help speed a 3D model is to ensure that you have all your information together before sending it to the modeler.

It may help sit with the entire team involved and work together to make the project’s information as straightforward as possible. This should include the product design service, as the job of the 3D modeler isn’t so much to design the project as to create a visual of the completed design.

By having as much information as possible to submit to the 3D modeler ahead of the project, you free them to do their work with maximum speed.

Market Conditions

It’s not always the fault of the 3D furniture modeler when a project ends up taking longer than usual. Changes in the market can also cause the project to slow down. If another company ends up getting the same product to market while yours is still developing, improving your product is a logical step.

Sometimes the project may be inappropriate for the current market mood, or changes to the law make it no longer feasible. What does this mean for a 3D model already underway?

In this case, the 3D model will have to be modified to reflect this. A change in the market could mean the entire project has to start over from the beginning, which will cause significant delays. The project may need to be scrapped entirely as the team moves back to stage one of development.


This is an unpleasant aspect of product development, but it does happen. The only way to help reduce the risk of these things happening is to work as quickly as possible when creating a project from start to finish so that your product is the first out there, not the last.

Advances in Technology

Just as the market can fluctuate, technology is always pressing forward. If technology overtakes your project while it is still in the process of being modeled, it could end up being obsolete before it ever hits the market.

This is also a severe problem if similar technologies arrive at the same time. An example of this might be HD DVD players in comparison to Blu-Ray. The faster product has the advantage, but if your project was already behind when the project was sent for modeling, it might need to be updated or entirely redesigned to remain competitive.

Technology isn’t always an essential factor, but it’s certainly something to think about if your project is in the technology field.

Just as there are many products to be 3D modeled, there’s an equal fluctuation in the time needed to model a project. A very complex assignment such as a vast skyscraper may take longer than modeling a pair of shoes. A project with large gaps in the data available will usually take longer than a product with lots of information available.

To get your project finished as quickly as possible, it’s important to support the freelance 3D solid modeler with plenty of detail and choose one able to meet your company’s demands. By following these rules, you’ll be able to speed the process up for your project and get it done as quickly as possible.

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