E-commerce is a very competitive market. It’s no secret that if you’re a business owner in this field, you’re always looking for ways to get an edge over other similar businesses in the market. With e-commerce being one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, it makes sense to do everything you can to not only grow an online store but to be smart about how it’s done.

3D visualizers can help turn an overly expensive store into a trim but beautiful catalog that customers will buy from. Hiring a photography studio, shipping products to be photographed, and paying for photographers to take those photos can end up being very costly.

Simply switching to 3D visualization services can save money and improve the experience for selective customers. Here are just a few of the ways switching to 3D visualization services can help.

Showcase Your Products in a New Way

With a standard photography studio, a product is photographed from different angles with an attractive background. This shows the product, but even if several angles are shown, it isn’t a perfect representation of the product.

A 3D render can be shown in a 360-degree way so that if a customer wants to see what the back looks like, flip it over and look at the underside, or examine the sides, they can look at it from every possible angle.

This doesn’t just let the customer examine a product as if they are in an actual store, but it also allows them to see how the product’s features may work and the standard color options and styles.

This isn’t just an excellent option for customers. When they are allowed to connect with a product through being able to turn and manipulate it, they are more likely to form an emotional bond with the item they are inspecting. This can mean increased sales and better customer relationships.

Allow Customers to “Try before They Buy”

Companies such as Ikea are already taking advantage of AR software to give consumers a whole new way to handle online shopping. Augmented reality allows you to take a CG object, such as a piece of furniture, a rug, or even clothing, and “place” them in a room or on a person.

This mixture of reality and CG allows consumers to try out new items in a customized way that you can’t get anywhere else. Even a furniture store can’t place a possible new desk in your house to see how it looks.

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All it takes for your customer to be able to try out products is an AR app for their phone or another device and 3D objects to be available on your website.

Having AR capabilities for your website can really set you apart from other websites and even allow you to compete with brick-and-mortar stores. By offering a custom shopping experience, you can increase your sales as more customers choose your website over other options.

Showcases Important Details of a Product

Many customers are suspicious of buying online because of poor quality products they’ve received in the past. We’ve all purchased a product promising us the moon, only to find that what we received barely resembles what we imagined.

This has led consumers to look at online shopping negatively and be suspicious of products even if they could greatly benefit from them.

A way to help show customers that the product will work in the manner promised is to show them. 3D modeling services allow you to cut the product in half, showing the interior so people can see how a product functions. It can also offer close-ups of essential features or highlight parts of the product that consumers should be aware of.

While this may not fully assuage a customer’s concerns, when comparing a mere picture on one website and a showcase of all the specs on another, a customer is more likely to trust the one that goes to great lengths to show the product in every possible way.

Create a Beautiful Catalog

One of the most expensive undertakings for a website is to create an attractive online catalog that customers will want to buy from. There are many methods of doing this, from creating an entire room showing the product in a natural setting to using a blank white background that presents the product clearly and pleasantly.

There’s no wrong way to do this, but the simple truth of the matter is it’s expensive. Every single product must be brought to a rented photography studio, and a photographer must be paid to photograph the product.

In the case of lifestyle photographs, which showcase the product in a natural setting, the cost of creating the backdrop must also be factored in. If a catalog features hundreds of products, it can make creating a catalog so expensive that there is no profit in running the store. This is a real problem for those hoping to start a business from their online store.

Luckily, even photorealistic objects are not nearly as expensive as hiring a photographer to do the same work. The product does not have to be shipped to a studio or even exist before it is made. Backdrops can be added or left blank.

The end product is usually much cheaper, with the same or better results, than a photography studio.

Animate Products for Another Angle

One final way 3D rendering services can improve sales is through animation. Animation can help encourage customers to buy through several different methods. Animation can show how to put a product together, showcasing how easy it is to do or augmenting instructions.


It can also show how drawers open or pan around the product for a great view of how it looks. Animations are eye-catching, and many customers love seeing them. It can significantly improve sales simply by having them available in your product catalog.

What It Takes to Create Photorealistic Products

It goes without saying that 3D visualization services are superior to photographs when it comes down to online sales. They can offer so much more to customers and help them discern whether they really want a product. They can also help boost sales by giving customers confidence in the products offered.

That being said, not all renders are created equal. There’s a big difference between a cartoonish, poorly made model and a well-lit, carefully posed photorealistic render. Here’s a little of what goes into making the models that customers are eager to see.

The Proper Lighting

Lighting is the difference between whether a render is virtually indistinguishable from a photograph or whether something seems off. The most high-quality renders usually involve ray tracing—the process of having powerful computers trace how every beam of light would hit an object, pixel by pixel.

When lighting is done correctly, the render looks real and the product is captured in the most appealing manner for the consumer.

Appropriate Detailing

Lighting isn’t the only area a renderer has to pay attention to. The right rendering elements added to a photograph can really help set it off. These elements include things like reflections. A good renderer will have studied real photos and has practiced recreating them in all their finest details.

The Right Software

Different software offers different features for renderers to bring to the table. A good freelance 3D interior renderer should have experience in at least a couple of different types of software so that they can switch as needed to provide the most realistic finish.

What Products Work Best with Rendering

Many different products can be showcased appropriately using a render instead of a photograph. Some products, however, take better to rendering than others. Here are some of the best products for rendering.


Jewelry is one area that can benefit from close-ups and the ability to rotate the product. It can be tough to capture the detail of gemstones and finer features in a photograph, but a render can catch these things perfectly while also letting people look at the jewelry from all angles.


AR technology makes it easy to swap out hundreds of different furniture pieces and see how they look in the living room, bedroom, or other areas. This customized method of looking at furniture can help encourage customers to shop online. Work with a freelance 3D furniture renderer today.


Fashion accessories can benefit from close-up renders in the same way jewelry can. It is an excellent way to let people see a product from all angles.


Imagine being able to walk around the car, take an animated tour of the car, and see every detail of the interior and engine—all without having to go to a car lot. Many car sellers turn to renders to help showcase cars in the best possible light for these very options.


Electronics are a highly competitive market, and it’s not always easy to judge how they might perform by picture alone. A look at the interior or an animation showing it in action is a great way to help customers see how this product could benefit their lives.


The ability to try clothing on is why many people choose to get their clothing at a brick-and-mortar store. Augmented reality, renders showing the clothing on real people, and 360-degree rotations of clothing can all help sell product.

Online shopping has been turning to renders lately to take advantage of their many options. Most customers prefer these options because it allows them to experience online shopping in a whole new way.

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