This could also be related to the United States Military Corps of Engineers A/E/C CAD Usual (I feel the most recent is v6.1?).

Does any individual have any revel in with the use of NCS Layers to create same old layers? Taking a look during the USACE requirements, the record of layers is arduous, however I feel I will be able to use a very condensed record for my corporate’s wishes.

Mainly, I am searching for very basic, however same old layers that quilt that 99% of anything else we are most likely to attract. For instance, conduits. Taking a look on the record within the USACE Usual related above, there’s a conduit layer, however it is particularly for energy: E-POWR-CNDT

Now, the NCS permits you to mix any Main Workforce (the ‘POWR‘) with any Self-discipline Designator (the ‘E‘), and likewise any Minor Workforce (the ‘CNDT‘) with any Main Workforce (see NCS V6 AIA CAD Layer Pointers, §1.5 and §1.6). However… what about the use of a Minor Workforce in position of a Main Workforce? In particular, I would love to have the layer E-CNDT since we now have each energy and keep an eye on conduits, and spares as neatly.

Would this nonetheless be inside the NCS Requirements, and now not need to be documented at the NCS Compliance Disclosure Remark?