That linkage goes to motive you all forms of complications. It is not that it wont paintings, extra that it is going to be at risk of many actual international annoyances after you organize to get it to paintings. You are asking numerous the servo, typically you need to over spec any cheep driving force. With no inbuilt forestall on that taste linkage your servo will wish to deal with the open place which is some distance from very best. Easiest actual international follow is to make use of some type of mechanical locking in order that the driving force is handiest vital for the motion and no longer required to deal with it is place. The linkages themselves might be below substantial pressure and doubly so for the pins. You’ll over engineer them to compensate however that isn’t typically a excellent dependancy to get into because it leads to a complete host of different problems.

With a cheep servo and your function (which is a truly cool concept) and it being 3d revealed. I would recommend perhaps having a look at one thing like a extra tough trojan horse pushed rack and pinion arrange.

Preferably you’ll simply use a cheep linear actuator.