I’m creating a common token counter for Magic the Accumulating in Fusion 360. I can have 3-d revealed.

my design has wheels that can have debossed numbers on them.

I know the way so as to add textual content and deboss it, however I am having hassle angling the textual content accurately at the wheel. my means of making a textual content field, dimensioning it, rotating it and shifting it into position is time eating. I additionally spotted that the textual content field will rotate by itself when dragging it for some unexplained explanation why.

what I have carried out to this point is hanging a centerline for the textbox and a perpendicular line to align the ground.

can somebody assist me out with a greater and extra correct means? google isn’t proving useful.

I’m self taught the usage of Fusion, so my strategies are most definitely unorthodox. lol