For Autodesk Vault users with Android devices, I am happy to share that the Vault mobile app is now available for download in the Google Play store.

Same as the Vault mobile app for iOS devices, the mobile app for Android devices allows you to work with your design and engineering data on your phone or tablet.

You can use the Vault mobile app to view 2D and 3D designs, check non-CAD files in and out, approve and sign documents, create and participate in change orders, perform QR, barcode, simple and extended data searches, and more.

The Vault mobile app for makes it easy to stay up to date on your projects and collaborate with others anytime, anywhere. To use the app, you will need to sign in with your Vault account information. You just need a subscription to Vault Professional or Vault Office. 

Learn More: Live Webinar on February 23rd  
Join us to learn more about the Vault mobile app during our upcoming webinar on February 23rd at 11:30am ET.
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Get the Vault Mobile App for Android
Download the Vault mobile app in the Google Play store, or use the QR code below:

See the Vault mobile app in action