Reinforcement rebar has a few enhancements in Revit 2022. These features quite helpful if you do rebar design. No significant changes, though.

Rebar Placement by Two Points

In Revit 2022, now we can place rebar by two points. Just like drawing a rectangle. This is the most helpful enhancement for me.

This method is straightforward and efficient. In the previous versions, we are limited to place rebar following the rebar cover, and we need to modify the shape later. But now it’s pretty convenient.

Move Rebar in a Set

Now you can remove or move rebars in a rebar set. Because Revit maintains the rebar relationships in that particular set, it simplifies the rebar modeling.

Model Rebar using the Real Bar Diameter

In the rebar type properties, now we have Model Bar Diameter. With this parameter, we can create a rebar with the real size. Particularly helpful when we do clash detection with large rebar size.

Select Shape Code for Custom Bent Free Form Rebar

Now we can change Free From Rebar with Shape Code. In older versions, only standard rebar shapes can use this shape code. It was disabled for Free From Rebar.

What do You Think?

Not much changed in the rebar feature. Rebar placement by two points is quite helpful, and it is my favorite enhancements in rebar. However, you might think one of the enhancements is what you’ve been waiting for.

Which one is your favorite?