The image below is a callout view from a floor plan. The floor plan doesn’t seem right.

The stair is cut and we can’t add the stair path symbol. As you can see in the image below, the tool is disabled.

Why the Callout Doesn’t show the Stair Correctly?

The reason why it happens is that the user created the callout using the detail view. A detail view has different properties than a Floor Plan. It doesn’t have view range properties, for example.

So it is important to use the correct callout type, especially for the floor plan.

How to Create a Floor Plan Callout?

When you create a Callout view, make sure you change the Callout type is Floor Plan. Please be advised that when you add a Callout on an elevation view, you will see Callout and Building Elevation. It depends on which view you want to add a Callout.

Is the Callout the Same as Floor Plan?

Yes, in many things this type of Callout is a Floor Plan with the boundaries adjusted. The difference is you have the Callout Cloud as a reference to the view.

The Video Guide

To Sum Up

There are several types of Callout view. While in most cases you can choose any type, sometimes you need to choose the right one. Especially when you want to create a Floor Plan callout.